Old mill spins new apartments for Greenville, SC

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"This will be one of the most attractive redevelopment sites in the state"

Bruce Kopytek - Contour Companies

Located between Poinsett Highway and Pete Hollis Boulevard and just two miles from downtown Greenville, the former textile mill served as a catalyst for the surrounding community until it closed in the 1990s. Today, Contour Companies is converting the 117-year-old American Spinning Mill into a mixed-use development with 260 apartments and 50,000 square feet of commercial space, possibly including a brewery. 

The mill complex consists of several buildings and structures developed over the last 100 years. The property includes two contributing buildings: the main mill building and the cotton warehouses (with subsequent additions). There are two contributing structures, which include the water tower and the historic smokestack. Contour Companies will keep the smokestack and water tower as part of preserving the historic integrity of the property.

Once known as the Textile Center of the World, Greenville had 16 cotton mills and two dye/bleaching/processing mills with geographic locations that physically created a crescent shape. When the textile mills were active, they had their own stores, doctors, recreational facilities and other services. When the mills closed, services did, as well. However, one-quarter of Greenville County’s residents still reside along the Textile Crescent, many of them without access to needed, nearby services.  This is something that Contour Companies hopes to rejuvenate for the expected 2,000 new residents to the area in the coming years.