Residents move into newly renovated Larchmont Estates

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I thought the property would never be the same again. Now, it's beautiful.

Dawn Coleman - Toledo, OH

Prior to Contour Companies acquiring the property at the end of 2014, the conditions inside The Larchmont Estates (then known as Riviera Maia) were almost unlivable. In fact, the 500 unit property was condemned by the city of Toledo in 2014 which forced more than 100 tenants to move out. Today, it’s a much different situation as the Larchmont Estates has been renovated with new carpet, paint, cabinets, updated bathrooms and the addition of granite counter tops.

Contour Companies has brought the property back to life with an outstanding occupancy rate – along with reducing the crime rate in the local area.  At the time of acquisition, there were as many as 30 calls to the police in one day. The property had developed an image ridden with drugs and crime. Today, Contour Companies has reported as few as 0 police reports during a 30 day period at The Larchmont Estates.

“It’s more beautiful than it was the first time, it feels wonderful,” said Dawn Coleman, who has returned to the property after living there about 40 years ago.

Before & After
Leading the path in multi-family and mixed-use developments - contour companies Leading the path in multi-family and mixed-use developments - contour companies

Due to the massive renovation, the team at Contour Companies saw a massive influx in applicants prior to the grand opening.  They are currently maintaining over a 90% occupancy rate – even after the pandemic of 2020.