A new look coming to the former Riviera Maia

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The old Riviera Maia apartment complex has life again. New tenants have moved into the refurbished complex. The complex has a new name. It’s called the Larchmont Estates. Three families have now moved in. That’s a major step in a major renovation project. The conditions inside the complex were almost unlivable at the end of 2014. Now it’s a much different situation with new carpet, paint, bathrooms redone and the addition of granite counter tops.

“Every time I walk somebody through the apartment their first reaction is ‘Oh wow’ and that’s exactly what I want.” – Larchmont Property Manager

The 500 unit property was condemned by the city of Toledo in 2014 which forced more than 100 tenants to move out. Today, it’s a much different situation as The Larchmont Estates has been renovated with new carpet, paint, cabinets, updated bathrooms and the addition of granite counter tops.

Contour Companies has brought the property back to life with an outstanding occupancy rate – along with reducing the crime rate in the local area.