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Jeff Schniers is the Marketing Director at Contour Companies. Jeff is responsible for developing the Contour Companies brand and its subsidiaries. With 18 years of experience, Jeff has built his career around storytelling. From his previous work with social influencers to television productions and corporate messaging, Jeff’s diverse skillset helps drive the Contour brand on a daily basis.

Prior to working at Contour, Jeff served as Marketing Manager for Fieldstone Architecture and Engineering. At Fieldstone, Jeff marketed A&E services to community developers and custom builders. Today, this unique experience has allowed Jeff to thoroughly understand the B2B and B2C markets involved in the Contour brand.

Jeff has a Bachelors in Marketing Communications / Management from Baker College.  He is also a former Professional Wrestler of 15+ years wrestling under the name Jeff Brooks and as Chaz Montana (for real… look him up). He continues to improve his skillset – and that of his teammates – while spreading happiness to those around him.