Bruce Kopytek is the Chief Architect at Contour Companies. Amongst his 42+ years of experience, Bruce has attained a diverse portfolio including the designs for financial institutions, retail stores, hotels, custom homes and multi-family apartment complexes. Prior to joining Contour Companies, Bruce served as the Senior Architect and VP of Business Development at Fieldstone Architecture & Engineering.

Before that, Bruce served as Chief Architectural Designer for Thompson-Phelan, Inc., a “Total Project” design firm dedicated to the concept that design and construction should come from a single source. In addition to winning many awards for his designs, notably an honorable mention in the Italian government’s prestigious Ceramic Tiles of Italy design competition, Bruce has combined his knowledge of architecture with his love of history and travel into a flourishing hobby as an acclaimed author, writing four books for The History Press.

His first effort, Jacobson’s: I Miss It So! won a prestigious Michigan Notable Book award in 2012, and was followed by a book about the history of Toledo, Ohio (2013) and a chronicle of the legendary Eaton family of Canada and their retail empire (2014).

Toledo's Three Ls

Lamson's, Lion Store and Lasalle's (Landmarks)


The Trans-Canada Store (Landmarks)


Detroit's Friendly Store (Landmarks)


I Miss It So!: The Story of a Michigan Fashion Institution (Landmarks)