Phase 1 Site Plan: Approved for Northland

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Once again, Northland will be a prime destination for living, laughing, and enjoying life.

Bruce Kopytek - Contour Companies

Southfield City Council unanimously approved Contour Companies’ petition for Phase One Master Site Plan approval for the Northland City Center. This means that the company can proceed with the design and planning of the first two buildings to be built on the site, and proceed with further sub-phases of the project until the entire Phase One is constructed.  Phase One includes over 1300 apartment residences, walkways and landscaped area, parking facilities, and the restoration of the original buildings of the 1954 Northland Center, which will be returned to an outdoor mall environment.

Centerpiece of Northland City Center is the Hudson’s City Market, a redevelopment of the large J.L. Hudson Co. department store into a unique food, entertainment, and home furnishings market that Contour envisions as a regional attraction that, along with the planned residences, will make Northland an attractive and popular place and insure its success.