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Creating Communities for Idyllic Living

Who We Are:

Contour is an vertically integrated operation with an in-house, dedicated team for every aspect of our business.

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Maintenance

When projects are managed in-house, they become streamlined with high-quality results. This is why Contour has managers that oversee every project first-hand.

From researching new developments to ongoing property management, our in-house Marketing team is there for it all.  This allows us to deliver outstanding results, fast.

Contour has an in-house Architecture department led by Chief Architect Bruce Kopytek. This allows us to keep the timeline moving within our fast-paced, timely schedules.

Each development is managed by our in-house team that thrives on success.  This allows Contour to make educated decisions from project location to marketing efforts and beyond.

Schedule is a necessity when it comes to construction, and Contour is well aware of the importance of moving forward on a daily basis.  This is why our in-house construction team focuses on one project at a time - from construction through completion.

Our occupants rely on us to deliver excellent service, which is why property maintenance is also handled in-house.  Each property has their own dedicated staff which report directly to Contour.

Contour's Focus

Leading the path in Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Developments with a focus on Creating Communities for Idyllic Living.

In-House, Dedicated Teams

Management • Marketing • Architecture
Development • Construction • Maintenance

Committed to Community

Growing communities in the United States is a priority for Contour Companies.

Over 11,500 Apartments

Contour refurbished over 7,500 apartments with a plan to acquire, renovate and construct 4,000 additional apartments in 2020. Total estimated units by 2025 is 50,000.

Contour Companies Team

Our management team is made up of seasoned professionals from every aspect of our business.

Management • Marketing • Architecture • Development • Construction • Maintenance