With over a hundred state parks, the longest freshwater coastline in the country and a passionate sports culture – Michigan is a great place to call home. Notable industries include automotive manufacturing, engineering, logistics and healthcare. Enjoy the beauty of four diverse seasons and some of the best breweries in the country.

Michigan properties

Adona in Southfield (Atrium)

This building’s transformation is the quintessential Contour success story. Our lead architect saw this derelict building and had visions of a comfortable, attractive apartment complex for residents to

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Stoneridge II

Located in a sought-after area for local businesses, Stoneridge II needed a major facelift to appeal to business owners. Dark and dank, the interior aesthetics left much to be

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Springwater Park

Northville is a suburb of Detroit located about 11 miles west of Detroit and 17 miles northeast of Ann Arbor. Built by Contour in 2017, Springwater Park affords residents the feeling of a close-knit community

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Barrington Cove

Built in 2017, this 12-unit condominium complex is perfectly situated for those looking to balance their busy schedules with the pleasantries of nature. Whether you’re home preparing a family

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